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We combine the attributes and capabilities to define, create and manage digital products providing service to all required areas.

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Sima Multimedia is a digital studio founded in 1998 by Juan Navarro Vallejo. Based in Málaga we specialise in corporate identity (branding), web design, graphic, multimedia & audiovisual productions, also we have extensive experience in advertising and interactive marketing.

We are personally involved in each project and always give our best.

We focus on creativity, one of the differential factors in the field of communication & web design. We are great believers in innovation, so our interest in exploring new avenues of communication has placed us at the forefront of new technologies.

With over 20 years of experience we have been serving and providing clients with tailor made solutions.   

Our extensive experience combined with the professionalism of our team makes us a leading communications and web design agency in Malaga and Madrid.

Currently we work for customers in Malaga, Seville, Murcia, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Poland, Austria, Tangiers, Copenhagen, Berlin & Brussels.

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